phrozen mighty 4k bundle

We’ve been talking a lot with the folks over at Phrozen, lately. You may have seen their posts on Instagram showing off gorgeous prints of our models (such as the gigantic Noctuoidea Pontifex), all printed using the Mighty 4K. They’ve invited us to become affiliates for them, and opened up this awesome deal to our patrons and followers!

If you were thinking of getting a Sonic Mighty 4K, you can get one now with 2 bottles of their Aqua-Gray 4K Resin & an extra PFA sheet for free ? Just use our affiliate link to get the deal before August 13:

The larger printing area of the Mighty 4K is perfect for huge dragons, terrain, and other large objects that you normally have to print in broken-up pieces. And the quality looks absolutely gorgeous! One thing I really like about their printer design is the super-stable dual rail z-axis, which has always been a must-have for me. One of the reasons why we originally bought an EPAX was because of this. The dual rail is absolutely key to taking out z-wobble (even more important in a large format printer like the Mighty 4K), and is what truly allows for those creamy smooth prints. 

They’ve also asked us what kind of bundles our patrons want to see in the future. If you’ve had your eye on some Phrozen gear/resin, let me know in the comments what kind of bundle you’d want. It could become their next promotion 😀

Check out the pictures below to see what the Phrozen Mighty 4K is capable of!

*We get a small commission when you buy through our link, at no cost to you. 


Another Heading

Psilomonedes, Noctuoidea Pontifex – Exceptional clarity of detail and ultra-smooth surfaces, even across large  flat areas like the wings. This was printed at 100% scale, which means the female figure in the center is 32mm scale!

See the Instagram Post for more pics

Chogen, Hikiga Priest and Shrine – The place where a Mighty 4K really shines is being able to print larger scale items. Even though the Hikiga Shrine is broken up into pieces that can fit a standard size printer, you would need multiple plates to get the whole thing!

See the Instagram Post for more pics

Psychidae, Noctuoidea Mage – Even if you only want to print smaller minis, the Mighty 4K will give you smooth, crisp prints. This print of Psychidae is at 100%, meaning she is roughly 35mm scale (32mm Heroic)

See the Instagram Post for more pics


Have you tried printing anything on this printer? Let me know in the comments!

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