Chitubox sent us 2 bottles of Jamg He Conjure Tough Resin (what a mouthful), to give our honest review on the quality and durability. Our tester, Karurosu, is a veteran 3d printer using an Anycubic Mono, and the results were quite good!

Resin Highlights:

  • Great detail level
  • Extremely durable/bendy, which means less breakage from drops and handling
  • 1s faster exposure time with White resin, compared to EPAX Hard Gray
  • White resin is a little hard to inspect; we would recommend one of the other colors to make it easier to see any defects or stray support nubs
  • Chitubox considers this an Intermediate Difficulty resin. It may require more fine-tuning than Beginner resins like the Rigid resin from this same line

Resin Review

We received the White color, which isn’t the best for photographing. Karu primed the models to highlight the details so you can see how smooth and crisp they came out. 

You can see that even tiny details came out clean and sharp. Karu’s usual resin is EPAX Hard Gray, which is a high quality resin with excellent detail level. The Chitubox resin appears to be on par with the EPAX Hard Gray, but it has some advantages over it. The exposure time for this resin was reportedly 1s less on the Anycubic Mono, which would save a huge amount of time during printing. The time savings could be even greater if you’re using an RGB screen! 

The second advantage is that the resin is much more durable/less brittle than typical resins. Take a look at how bendy the supports are, even after post-curing:

photograph of a hand bending a small resin support structure
Even after fully curing the supports, you can bend them back on themselves easily without breaking them,.

That’ll pretty much gaurantee that you won’t break the delicate parts of your minis when dropping them, something that’s especially important for minis with a lot of small or thin parts. This is a great resin choice for tabletop minis that get handled frequently. I’ve broken minis by dropping them 6 inches onto a plastic tabletop (looking at you, EPAX Water Washable), so this is a welcome change from more brittle resins. 

photograph of three miniatures; two mothfolk warriors, and a little girl wizard
This is the original white color of the resin, without primer.

The white resin color makes it a little difficult to see the details, which isn’t good for inspecting your prints for defects or clarity. This same resin comes in grey, beige, and black, however the exposure times would change depending on the pigment type and amount. Black resin usually tends to take longer exposure times, and white or clear resin tends to take shorter.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think this is a decent resin best suited for minis or items that 1) will get handled a lot, 2) don’t have extremely dynamic posing/balancing, and 3) you won’t mind a little bit of deformation over time. This might even make a good material for mould positives or costume/cosplay items. The flex would allow you to remove it more easily from certain moulds. Additionally, cosplay/costume items tend to be worn in crowded places where the item could get bumped or banged on things – conditions where most resins would break or shatter. 

Chitubox also offers their Conjure resins in different formulations, including Rigid for precision parts, and Sculpt, for a balance between precise detail level and flexibility. 

You can get all three Jamg He Conjure Resins from the Chitusystems website.

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Happy Printing, Cobras!


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