July 2021 Patreon Collection

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See the release in 4K! https://youtu.be/dUSPKwqMWrI

July has a PANGOLIN! This has been a running request in our Discord for awhile, half-joking because we wanted to torture Erin with sculpting all the scales. Truly insane, he hand textured every single one separately. I think Erin’s crazy love of sculpting details is what really sets our collections apart from the other Patreon’s out there, along with his signature style. Please let him know what you think in the comments! We read every single one, and your excitement helps fuel him on days when he’s been sculpting for 15 hours straight πŸ˜‚

Waqia the pangolin has his own impressive shop building with tons of bits to mix and match. We also have our beautiful elf duo and their respective animal companions, a crafty old Ifrit, and our awesome throwbacks (40pc decorations pack, Burilgi, and Glima the travelling chemist). 

There will be even more surprises this month as we near 4th of July, as well as our 2nd Summer Surprise, all courtesy of TheBetaMarie! She really hit it out of the park this month with the bases, terrain, and these hilarious surprise extras. I can’t wait to see what everyone will do with these ones…

We have a cross-promo with White Werewolf Tavern also, who has generously provided us with their sculpt of Maletta, the Crow Mother in bust form. We’ll be posting about them again on the 8th, in case anyone misses this.

To read the lore for this month, check out the Cobra Compendium!



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June 2021 Patreon Collection

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Want to see it in 4K Video instead? https://youtu.be/7Kb8pn7rhrQ

This month we’re exploring the Twilight Forest, which is the home of the creepy and mildly sinister Noctuoidea and their nemeses, the Fidelium. They have an amazing history that you can read about in the CobraCompendium. Erin and I actually played a game of Microscope during quarantine in order to flesh out their back story! Our feature sculpt this month, the Noctuoidea Pontifex (dubbed the Moth Pope during development), is a massive multipart print that’s perfect for those of you who love a challenge. All of our figures this month are roughly human size 35mm, so you can just imagine how big Psilomonedes is…

We also have wonderful bases and terrain from TheBetaMarie, our superstar sculptor from our very own Discord! Make sure to check out her stuff on MyMiniFactory and show her some love πŸ™‚ She also made the mystery models that we’re saving for the Summer Solstice on June 20th, so make sure you check back near the end of June to see the big reveal!

Our Painting Contest for June is going to have some really cool prizes this time around too. We’re still finalizing everything, but watch out for the announcement soon 😎

CobraShare, our cloud service for distributing the files, is getting sooooo close to being done! SneakyCrow has been working nonstop on getting it ready. We were hoping that we could launch at the end of May, but some unexpected issues came up (as usual). But! I think we will be starting to test with some patrons very soon. Stay tuned!



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May 2021 Patreon Collection

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This month is our biggest release ever, with a whopping 14 models and 16 bases, plus a plop terrain. We also have 2 heavy hitters in our Throwbacks this month, Norinaga and Xu Zhen. May is going to be a good month for all our Cobras πŸ˜€

We have bases this month from Johannes Burstrom and TheBetaMarie (a superstar 3d modeler from our Discord). Johannes made the seashell and wreckage bases, as well as the octopus plop terrain. Our brand new artist, TheBetaMarie, made the river rock and river dock bases! She’s often active in our 3d modeling chat, so come by and say hi πŸ™‚

Ben Green, our 5E Stats-maker, is still on hiatus as he battles tax returns as an accountant (the deadline got extended due to the COVID confusion). He’s starting to think about those stats that he missed though, so hopefully we’ll see more of his awesome and creative 5E stat blocks soon.

If you’re interested in the CobraMode Universe Lore, take a look at our CobraCompendium, the central lore document for all our minis. There’s also a full numbered listing of all the releases we’ve done at the very end of the doc, for the completionists out there. 



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May Release Detail Images

April 2021 Patreon Collection

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For April Release, we have our first ever bust! It seems it’s a tad, uh, bigger than a standard bust, but that just let Erin pack more details in πŸ˜€ At 121mm tall (to the top of the sword), this Hanzaki bust is just covered in beautiful textures, and I’m sure painters will really enjoy the larger size. 

This month, we also contracted Johannes BurstrΓΆm to make our bases and plop terrain. Welcome, Johannes! I really like his whimsical flair, and though his background is in low poly video game art, he’s taken to mini sculpting like a duck to water.

We have 2 Cross-Promos this month, with Nova Minis and VoidRealm! These two are smaller patreons, each with their own specific focus. Nova Minis creates monsters for your tabletop campaigns, while VoidRealm is creating cosmic horror! We’ll be posting some individual highlights about each of these creators in early April πŸ™‚

To read all the lore for the CobraMode Universe, check out the CobraCompendium.



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march 2021 Patreon Collection

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Y’all. It’s March. COBRAMODE’S BIRTHDAY!!!

We started this journey last year at the beginning of March 2020, which now seems like a thousand years ago. Needless to say, it’s been a wild ride. I can’t express to you all how grateful we are for your support, whether you’ve just joined or have been with us since the beginning. The love in the comments, the entries from our Painting Contest, and all your messages, social media posts of prints and paints, and hilarious chats in the Discord have kept us alive and laughing even through some really difficult times. I’m so glad that we have this community! I know I say this every month, but I also mean it every month. CobraMode has the best patrons, hands down!! You’ll know this for sure when you join our Discord channel, where people are sharing their printing and painting tips, working on their 3d models and kitbashing, and getting together every Thursday for the weekly Cobra Club painting session, where patrons paint 1 model for a whole month together. To join, follow the instructions here: https://support.patreon.com/hc/en-us/articles/212052266-Get-my-Discord-role 

This month we have a great cross-promo with Twin Goddess Miniatures, who makes some of the most lovely and lively sculpts. I’ve always admired their unique style and how illustrative the poses and details are.  And I love some of the more innovative sculpts they’ve made, like their spell effects genasi, and a really cool mycelium cloak. They’ve shared with us their Aarakocra and Harpy models, which are a fun complement to our animal characters! For our family-oriented patrons, they do have quite a few pinup style minis, but are balanced with female characters of all kinds and presentations, from cute witches to hardened barbarians. 

Note to our Merchant Tier: Cross-Promo Models are not licensed to be sold under our Merchant Tier.


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