“It was almost like discovering Easter Eggs in a video game while I was painting this pack snail; turning it around I kept discovering cool little details of the sculpt.”


“[The supports] literally just came off with ease. The whole experience of printing my first model with CobraMode was great! These models looked even better than I was expecting.”

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“This is cool, super unique […] Quality over quantity.”

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Cobramode Premium 3d Printable Miniatures

3D print of Atropos Noctuoidea Speculatore


CobraMode Miniatures creates unique, fun, and artistic sculpts every month for home 3d printing, tabletop gaming, and hobby painting!

We’re Erin and Andrea, two creative professionals making 3D models for tabletop games. Both of us have worked in video games, Erin as a 3D artist and Andrea as a 2D artist. Using our love of character design, we created a Patreon to make 3d printable miniatures for your D&D adventures, armies, or collections.

When you join the Patreon, you get:

  • Monthly Collection of character minis in 54mm and 35mm (32mm Heroic)
  • 16x Custom bases and a plop terrain or prop
  • Pre-supported .STL files, and editable .LYS support files by Atlas3D
  • Rich lore and backstories for each character
  • 5E stats by Ben Green (currently catching up with February)
  • 50% off coupon code for our back catalog on MyMiniFactory.com
  • Access to our exclusive Discord with dedicated printing support, early WIP teasers, direct chat with Erin and Andrea, weekly paint-along club, and more!




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For business inquiries, drop us a line at [email protected]

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