an eye for balance, silhouette, and detail

artistic sculpts created with love

As artists who have worked with both traditional and digital media, we try our best to put artistic principles into action with each sculpt, paying attention to the silhouette, sense of weight and balance, and special character details that make each piece a work of art.

Erin’s unique sculpting style and ideas blend together with Andrea’s ideas for details and poses to create a collaborative character full of life!



professional pre-supports

And D&D 5E stats included

All our minis come with both pre-supported and unsupported versions, so you can just slice and print. We also have a dedicated Support channel in our Discord to help you with troubleshooting and dialing in settings to get perfect minis every time. 

Our supports blend printability with ease of removal, and leave little to no damage on the fine details of the sculpts. All our newer files are tested by Atlas3D, who provides editable .LYS support files in case you want to change the supports to better suit your printer and resin.

We also have D&D 5E Stats for each mini (currently catching up with the collection)

Use the lore and backstory snippets to guide your campaigns, and use the unique custom stat blocks to create fun and original encounters!

To see all the lore in one place, read the CobraCompendium guide which details the setting of the CobraMode Universe.

Vibrant Community of artists and painters

join our discord channel to chat with us and our creative community of patrons

Our patrons say that we have the friendliest miniatures Discord around, and I believe it. We have an active community of 3d modelers, artists, and painters in our channel, all ready to share their paints, comments/critiques, and tips. We also have our Cobra Corps Painting Club, which picks a CobraMode miniature each month to paint together weekly! 

We’re so happy to provide a space where creative people can interact with each other, and it’s also a great space to ask us questions about 3d modeling, get feedback on your art, or just show off your latest work.