15% off Coupon at Phrozen3d.com

*This post contains affiliate links

If you missed out on last month’s promotion, you can still use our special Phrozen coupon code to get 15% off anything on the Phrozen Website. Just click our link to start shopping, and then input code COBRAMODE15 during checkout to get your discount! 

If you’re on the market for a larger format printer, Phrozen’s Mighty 4K is a strong contender, with a solid dual rail z-axis and a stable build plate mount that will reduce the need for plate leveling, along with print failures and z-wobble on your prints. They also sell nFEP, which we use instead of FEP film for our resin vats. We find it a lot less sticky and prone to ripping the model off delicate supports, although we’ve only used the nFEP from EPAX. 

Do you have any favorite products from Phrozen? If you do, mention them in the comments. We work directly with their team to bring you awesome deals, so we’ll mention anything that YOU want to see in the future!

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